Comfort Tre 160-A Relax Latex Insoles


  • Product Description

      "160 / A RELAX"

      A 5mm layer of latex foam is secured to ULTRA-SOFT DRY Technical Shock-Absorbing material with an eco-friendly, water-based, and solvent-free adhesive.

      Ideal for clogs and sanitary clogs, the insoles are ideal for those struggling with calluses and heavy legs.

      Key features of the "160 / A RELAX" insoles:
      · Stimulating latex nodules massage the feet

      • STANDARD 100-certified lining by OEKO-TEX
        · ultra-soft cushioning
        · Cannot be altered (trimmed or shallowed to size) as they are made of 25 shore latex foam with high compressive strength.
        · Open-cell latex foam makes them breathable
        · Suitable for those who stand all day.
        · Wash with lukewarm water and a mild soap.

      Our breathable "160 / A RELAX" insoles will accompany you in the day to day, offering you optimal comfort.

  • Sizing Guide

    • Feet are morphologically different from one another. The CALZURO conversion table helps to get an idea of how to select the best size for you. The CALZURO size conversion table helps finding the best size for you.

      Calzuro Canada Sizing Guide

      SIB TRE Insoles Sizing Guide


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