What is the best way to contact Calzuro Canada?

The best way to contact us is either by email at customerservice@calzuro.ca .

Do the colours on the Calzuro.ca website reflect the actual Calzuro shoe colours?

Every possible effort is made to ensure that colours are displayed accurately, however, computer monitors, lighting conditions and anti-glare screens may slightly affect the colour display.

How do I decide which “Classic” model to order – with or without upper ventilation holes?

A common consideration is your work environment. For example, if you work in a position where liquids may spill onto your feet, you may want to choose the Calzuro without upper vents. If you would like more ventilation, order with upper vents and shoe covers can be worn for personal preference in your work environment. All original Calzuro clogs have lower vents that allow for air to flow through the clogs for cooling.

Do I have to wear insoles in my Calzuro clogs?

Calzuros can be worn with or without insoles. It is based entirely on personal preference.

I have narrow/wide feet. Will Calzuro’s fit me?

Calzuros are medium width for all sizes.

What country does Calzuro.ca ship to?

Calzuro.ca only ships within Canada.

Would I order the same international size as I have in other brands of shoes?

Please refer to our SIZE CHART for more information.

Is Calzuro Footwear latex free?

Yes, all Calzuro shoes and heel straps are 100% latex free.


Does the Calzuro Shoe Size Chart apply to all styles of Calzuro Shoes?

No.  CALZURO LIGHTS ARE MADE SMALL!  PLEASE ORDER 1 SIZE LARGER THAN OUR CALZURO SHOE CHART SIZING INDICATES.  (i.e. - if you wear 39/40 Calzuro Classics, please order size 40 in the Lights.)