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Calzuro: the Professional Clogs Ergonomic shape par excellence

January 03 2020 – Stefanie Houde

Not everybody knows that Calzuro Clogs are designed to have the sole of the foot with a totally ergonomic shape, feature that makes them unique in their sector.

Our clogs’ secret consists in keeping intact that sensation of feet wellness all day long, even after having worn them for many hours, without feeling that unpleasant sense of fatigue in the legs and ankles that often affects our health and our wellness.

Are you asking yourself how is it possible to achieve this result with – at first glance – nothing more than a simple pair of rubber clogs?

To test our professional clogs, we challenge you: wear a pair of Calzuro Classic and start to run. A few minutes will be enough to understand why Calzuro has always been the most imitated professional clog ever.

You can try by your own with similar clogs: you will soon see and feel the difference between them. We are sure and aware of the fact that comfort comes before everything and that we are the only one that boast a 100% ergonomic fit, even without an insole!

The secret of such a comfortable fit is the result of accurate investigation, high quality material and a lot of passion, that allow us to stand out with style and reliability!

Now that you know our secret, we are sure next time you have to choose a sanitary footwear, you will have no doubt about which one to buy! Shop our styles now


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